10 Places for Seniors to Retire and Pay Way Less in Taxes


One of the biggest issues for retirees is taxes, especially when it comes to keeping as much money as possible for yourself and not handing it all over to Uncle Sam. Is there really a tax haven where you can enjoy your retirement and keep the grabbing hands of the government away from your retirement money? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of places where you can retire and enjoy a luxurious life while still maintaining your lifestyle in your golden years–even if you’re living off of a pension, Social Security, or your own retirement savings.

We will first start off our list with the best places in the United States, and then travel abroad where the tax benefits and retirement lifestyle are also excellent. Here’s 10 places to retire and pay less in taxes.

1. Alaska

Source: Pinterest.com

Alaska is ideal for anyone who likes outdoor recreation. You will have to adjust to the climate, since it gets quite cold and spring takes longer to warm up. The state of Alaska is a playground for adventurers with miles of territory perfect for hiking, hunting, boating, and more. As it’s a popular haven for retirees, the state has an abundance of things to do. Your retirement will go far here because Alaska has no income or sales taxes, plus your Social Security and pension aren’t subject to tax. Once you’ve been established as a permanent resident, you’re eligible to receive a yearly dividend check from the state for its vast oil production.

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