21 Amazing Kitchen Cleaning Hacks


The kitchen can be a dangerous, dirty, germy center—but it doesn’t have to be difficult to clean. Look to the following kitchen cleaning hacks to beat stress, avoid illness, and impress your friends.

1. Make your oven sparkling clean with baking soda, dish soap, and water.

Mix together about one cup of baking soda, 1 tbsp. of dish soap, and enough water to create a kind of “batter.” Stir and coat the oven with this creation, allowing it to sit for 15 minutes before washing off.

Source: Buzzfeed.com

2. Make your stainless steel sink breathtakingly bright.

Using just baking soda and a toothbrush, make your sink clean as new! Spread the baking soda in a “dust” layer on the sink, get your toothbrush wet, and then scrub at the baking soda until the sink is clean.

Source: MrsJanuary.com

3. Vinegar plus lemon for unclogging garbage disposals.

Mixing together vinegar and lemon can unclog your garbage disposal and get rid of the odor in your refrigerator. Simply add bits of lemon to an ice tray and pour the vinegar over them. Allow them to freeze. Place the ice cubes in the garbage disposal every few days and run it until the ice cubes dissolve.

Source: OneGoodThingByJillee.com

4. Always refrigerate your plastic wrap.

Oftentimes, plastic wrap rips unevenly and can cause more of a mess than you had in the first place. If you keep it in the refrigerator, it will stick better and tear less often.

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5. Add peroxide and baking soda to your stovetop.

Stir together hydrogen peroxide and baking soda until you achieve a “paste” consistency. Then, add the mixture to your stovetop and allow it to sit for 45 minutes. Afterwards, wipe it away with a sponge.

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6. Vinegar to get rid of sink faucet calcium buildup.

Simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar and place the faucet inside the bag. Secure the bag with a rubber band and allow it to soak for a full hour. Afterwards, the calcium will have dissolved.

Source: Youtube.com

7. Clean your wooden cutting boards with salt and lemon.

For this trick, simply add salt to the top of your wooden cutting board—not too much, just a light sprinkling. Then, slice the lemon, add lemon juice to the cutting board, and allow it to sit for five minutes. Afterwards, rinse away with warm water.

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8. Make your kitchen smell good with boiling water.

Simply add a few orange slices, a tsp. of vanilla, and two sprigs of rosemary to a large pot of water and allow the pot of water to come to a boil before decreasing the heat to make it simmer.

Source: farmtotablela.com

9. Soak stovetop burners in ammonia.

Sticky stains accumulate on stovetop burners and make your kitchen look unsightly. Simply add the stovetop burners to a garbage bag and cover them with ammonia. Tie up the bag and soak the stovetop burners overnight. Remove, rinse, and place them back on the stovetop, looking just like new.

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10. Clean your microwave without chemicals.

Add one cup of water along with one tbsp. of vinegar to a glass container. Microwave the mixture on HIGH for a full five minutes. Afterwards, the mess on the interior of your microwave will wipe off immediately.

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11. Spray your bowls and containers with cooking spray before adding stain-worthy ingredients.

Oftentimes, your favorite bowls and containers have unsightly stains after filling them with red-based sauces. If you spray the containers with cooking spray prior to filling them, the stains won’t form!

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12. Wipe away kitchen dust with cooking oil.

Putting just a small amount of olive oil or another cooking oil onto a paper towel, you can wipe away the dust, then go over it with a bit of warm water and dish soap.

Source: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

13. Clean a blender without hassle.

Just add a bit of soap and water to the inside of your dirty blender, whirl it, and then rinse it out with water. It’s efficient and fast, without chemical ingredients!

Source: cutediyprojects.com

14. Clean dirty pans with a dryer sheet.

After you’ve dirtied a pan, simply place the pan in the sink, add the dryer sheet to the inside, and then fill the pan with warm water. The dryer sheet will create bubbles that will clean up the inside of the pan. Rinse after about an hour.

Source: cuteDIYprojects.com

15. Vinegar and salt to keep your copper pots shiny.

Your copper pots have a tendency to get grimy and covered in smudges. However, if you add vinegar and a pinch of salt together, you can keep the copper pots clean and shiny.

Source: whatsupfagans.com

16. Remove grease from kitchen cabinets.

Have you noticed that your kitchen cabinets are greasy and the wrong kind of shiny? Simply stir together 2 cups of warm water and 2 tbsp. of dish soap and scrub at the wood, following the wood grain. Rinse and dry with a towel.

Source: eHow.com

17. Always use dishwashing soap with lactic acid.

Don’t mess around with other kinds of soap, as they don’t have correct grease-fighting or antibacterial powers.

Source: amazonnews.com

18. Always rinse dairy and starch-filled plates with cold water, rather than warm.

While it might be instinctual to use warm water when doing the dishes, warm water can actually make dairy and starch items more gunky as you clean. Always rinse these plates and utensils prior to digging into them with warm water.

Source: simplyscratch.com

19. Use aluminum foil to scrub glassware clean.

Rather than using wire or metal on your glassware, opt for aluminum foil to scrub grease and stains on glassware. Simply use dish soap, warm water, and a ball of aluminum foil to dig into it.

Source: budgetsavvydiva.com

20. Whiten plastic cutting boards with bleach.

With white plastic cutting boards, you’re only a few tomatoes away from a stain. Stop up the sink, run about an inch of warm water into the sink, and then add about a cup of bleach to the sink. Allow the cutting boards to soak for one hour, then rinse.

Source: snapguide.com

21. Scrub coffee mug stains with baking soda.

Add a bit of baking soda to the interior of your mug, dip a rag into some water, and then scrub at the mug until the stains disappear. It shouldn’t be long before it looks like new.

Source: stepbystep.com