She Mixes Glue and Liquid Starch Together and Comes Up with A Brilliant Cleaner!


If you’re thinking of a fun and creative activity to do with the kids, we highly recommend making your own goo and slime. Yes, that’s right. That gross-looking, sticky, and slimy thing that kids love to play with because of all the things they can do with it. For the grown-ups, that thing can also be a nifty cleaning aid to lift off dirt in hard to clean places.

Goo and slime usually contain Borax. But for this particular goo and slime that we will make, we will only be using liquid starch. Super safe and non-toxic. Here are the rest of the things that we will need:

A half cup of liquid starch

1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue

¼ cup of water

Food color, glitter, glow in the dark paint (optional)

In a small bowl, pour the glue. Add water. Add in food color and stir well.

Put in the liquid starch and stir again. Lastly, knead the mixture until it’s no longer sticking to your fingers. Pretty easy, right? If you want to see the rest of the tutorial, check out the video.

Video: Sea Lemon via YouTube