Summer is Here: See Our Favorite Creative Ways to Use Pool Noodles


While the rest of us may not be creative enough to think of other ways to use pool noodles, clever DIYers show us that there are plenty of things that you can do with these fun and colorful floatation devices.

Bed Bumper

These twins’ mom can now sleep soundly after she put pool noodles inside their beds’ fitted sheets. The babies can roll as much as they want without the fear of falling off their low bed.


Trampoline Safety Pad

These things can get worn out over time. Instead of getting a costly replacement for your trampoline spring safety pad, bring out your spare pool noodles. Next, measure and cut according to size, and finally, put them over the springs.

Notice how refreshing it is to see a splash of color on the trampoline?


All Lit Up With Pool Noodles

This one’s a personal favorite! It’s perfect for summer nights when you’re lounging by the pool or spending a quiet night with family or friends.

Jill of Create Craft Love turned pool noodles to small floatation device for LED candles. It’ll be so relaxing to watch these lights flickering and floating gently in the water.